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IDEM Safety K-SS HYGIECAM Tongue Switch

IDEM Safety K-SS HYGIECAM Tongue Switch
Designed with a rugged Stainless Steel 316 Body

The K-SS has been designed to cope with the harsh and stringent applications encountered within the Food Processing and Packaging, Pharmaceutical and Petro-Chemical industries.

With IP69K enclosure protection (maintained by an innovative double seal lid gasket and seals) the K-SS copes easily with high pressure hosing with detergent at high temperatures making the K-SS suitable for CIP and SIP processes.

Designed to fit on the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift off guards the K-SS provides a forced disconnect of the safety contacts at the withdrawal of the actuator and have an anti-tamper mechanism.

With a patented cam system design long life is guaranteed. Additionally the head can be rotated to provide 4 actuator entry positions. A range of actuators is available to suit different applications.

  • Positive break contacts to IEC60947-1
  • Fits on 40mm fixing centres - industry standard fitting
  • Stainless Steel 316 Body and External Fittings
  • Choice of actuators to suit all applications (flexible versions available)
  • Connects to most Safety Relays to provide up to PLe/Cat.4
  • IP69K making the K-SS suitable for SIP and CIP processes
  • Contact blocks are replaceable
  • Explosion proof version (K-SS-Ex) available

Compact laser displacement sensor CD22 Series

Compact laser displacement sensor CD22 Series
FASTUS is new product brand name from Optex-FA

High performance and cost efficient displacement sensor built in innovative compact case. This is enabled by:

  • Dedicated hybrid lens
  • Original all in one technology
  • High quality feedback circuitry

Variable High Performance Ultrasonic Sensors

Variable High Performance Ultrasonic Sensors
Turck is presenting a new ultrasonic sensor series with short blind zones, large measuring ranges and a wide range of parameter options

Mülheim, October 28, 2013 – The new RU-U ultrasonic sensor series from Turck enables the user to cover large sensing ranges with fewer sensor variants. The Turck ultrasonic sensors in M18 and M30 housing styles thus effectively reduce the range of variants required for stock-keeping. This is made possible by the particularly short blind zones of the sensors, which offer large sensing ranges at the same time – for example with a 40 cm range the blind zone is only 2.5 cm.

In order to offer the right sensor for every application with only a few sensor variants, Turck has increased the versatility of the individual models: Thus the simple compact version of the RU40 and RU100 modules enables the user to set diffuse mode and opposed mode operation as well as NC and NO switching outputs with a teach adapter. The standard sensor versions also enable the setting of switch windows and two separate switching points, either by a teach adapter or via a teach button directly on the sensor.

The high-end versions can be operated as a switch or as an analog sensor. Different operating modes, temperature compensation or the output function can also be set via IO-Link. If several sensors are installed next to each other, the customer can set the sensor parameters in synchronization or multiplex mode, in order to prevent mutual interference of the sensors.

Newest edition Temperature Controller with PID

 Newest edition Temperature Controller with PID

Temperature Controllers

The Red Lion PXU series is the newest addition to the Red Lion PID controller portfolio, offering outstanding control in a small form-factor for industrial environments.

2D Profile Measurement

2D Profile Measurement
Optex - Fastus LS Series 2D laser displacement sensors

Performing profile measurement for quality control of parts and materials can now be done with 2D spot beam laser measurement technology. The Fastus LS series is a new generation of profile measurement sensors from Optex. The propriety system employs a high-tech mathematical operation know as projection transformation converting captured images into distances,allowing both height and width to be measured with a high degree of precision and accuracy.    

New Product Launch

New Product Launch
Z3 Series The Next evolution.....

The next Evolution of Globally Acclaimed Z series Photoelectic Sensor by FASTUS - OPTEX FA.

Maximum Traceability and Transparency

Maximum Traceability and Transparency
TURCK BL Ident RFID systems

Whether in industrial, factory or logistics automation processes TURCK BL Ident RFID is  the ideal solution to meet all your applications from start to end of processes.Maximum traceability and transparency that's what you acheive. 

IDEM EX proof non contact safety switches

IDEM EX proof non contact safety switches
Specially designed for use in harzardous areas where gas and dust exist

IDEM Ex proof non-contact safety switches are specially designed and manufactured for use in harardous areas where conditions of gases and dust are explosive in nature and the environment is particularly harsh. 

Developed to the latest IEC EX and ATEX standards IDEM switches satisfies all requirements for oil and gas,petroleum,chemical,pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries 



We are the Official Distributor in Singapore and Malaysia

We are proud to announce the arrival of OPTEX Thermo Hunter series in our product portfolio.

There are various models available for Mounted and Portable type.

OPTEX FA New Product Release

OPTEX FA New Product Release
Ultra Compact Laser Distance Sensor

Measure from up to 2.5 m away.
“Visualize” distances with the TOF-DL compact sensor.

The FASTUS TOF-DL Series is the world’s smallest TOF sensor*1.
This ultra-compact laser distance sensor is capable of measuring at distances of up to 2.5 m.
With a built-in digital display, configuring settings is simple.
Notably, the TOF-DL Series is most useful with applications requiring height and target distance control, such as level and position measurements and loop control at a manufacturing site.

The TOF method measures the time it takes a pulse-emitted laser to hit a target and return, and the measurement is then converted into distance. With strong resistance to influences from the target’s surface condition

  • Easy-to-See Digital Display

    With its ultra-compact size, the TOF-DL Series is equipped with a three-digit, easy-to-see digital display.
    The display allows users to check the distance showing numerical values.
    This digital display also makes teaching adjustments easy.

  • Easy-to-See Indicators and Stability Output

    The indicators used on the TOF-DL Series allow for easy visibility from any angle. In addition, users are able to switch output 1 to Stability Output.
    Stability Output turns ON (Central indicator = Green) when measuring is stable and turns OFF (Central indicator = Red) when measurement is not possible.

Class 1 Laser Light Source

The Class 1 laser used in the TOF-DL Series opens the door to long-distance measuring at up to 2.5 m without sacrificing eye safety.
In addition, the spot is clearly visible, making light axis alignments easy.

OPTEX FA New Product Release

OPTEX FA New Product Release
BGS Laser Sensor with Digital Display

Super precision BGS sensor
detects 0.08mm height difference (BGS-HL05**/BGS-HDL05**)

FASTUS BGS-HL/-HDL Series achieves precise height difference detection regardless of Object color and material. This is accomplished by utilizing original “TRI-CORE” Technology found in our high-end displacement sensors. This Technology enables the highest level of performance in the industry at an economical price.

  • High resolution electronic shutter

    Thanks to an automatic shutter speed adjustment function, the BGS-HL/-HDL series has the advantage of accurately detecting Black non-reflective surfaces as well as shiny reflective surfaces. The Automatic shutter speed adjustment function minimizes the error caused by differences in reflectivity of object color and material.

  • Material response is improved incredibly

    The error of BGS-HL25T2/BGS-HDL25T2 is improved to 1/13 (SUS) and 1/58 (Black paper) compared with conventional BGS laser sensor.

  • Digital subpixel processing

    Subpixel processing divides one pixel into sub pixels and enables accurate detection of peak.

  • Automatic sampling function

    In addition to standard feedback, received light to laser power, BGS-HL/-HDL has Automatic Sampling function which enables stable detection of metal surface and also black material by adjusting sampling speed.

  • Easy to see digital panel

    ? 4 Digit display in small case
    ? Easy setup by 4 buttons
    ? Functions are like high-end

  • Ideal for robot mounting

    Ideal for mounting on robot cylinder thanks to compact dimensions and the light weight. IP67 water tightness is also secured.

The minimum detectable height difference of 0.08 mm (BGS-HL05**/BGS-HDL05**)

  • Perfect for applications that require sensing the height difference of very thin parts, inclination, and overlap (seam) detection.